About Us

From the beginnings as a humble laundromat, we have created a vibrant and flourishing boutique laundry, caring for a wide range of professions. The premises have ample amount of parking space with easy access to the shop. The interior lighting is on 24 hours of every day and the adjacent carpark is floodlit during night-time opening hours. The premises are thoroughly cleaned each day and are properly maintained. We have a wide range of magazines to alleviate the boredom of waiting for your machines to complete its cycle, and The South Perth Library has very kindly given us a supply of books for our customers.

You are welcome to borrow, keep or share the books.

We have seating for 11 people.

We have video camera surveillance for your and our security and which is monitored remotely.

One of our proud innovations is the dedicated Pet Laundry Corner which has a 8.2kg washer and dryer.

We love our pets but don’t want to share our washers with them.

The premises are open 7.00am to 11.30pm every day.

There is personal service 8.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday.

Whilst we are on the premises we can exchange coins for notes. We also have an EFTPOS facility.