Radiant Laundry Services

Perth Self-Serve Laundromat

Our Equipment

Modern high speed machines which are scrupulously cleaned and maintained daily. The shop is open every day from 7.00am to 10.30 pm. The front door automatically unlocks in the morning and automatically closes, and locks, at night. If you are inside the premises when the door closes, press the GREEN BUTTON to unlock the door.

The modern Washers and Dryers comprise 8 medium (8.2kg) washers, 4 (13.5kg) Large Washers and 12 Large Dryers. All machines operate ONLY with $2.00 and $1.00 coins.

In what we think is a helpful innovation, we have a Pet’s Corner with both a drying machine and washer dedicated for pet bedding use only.

If you have forgotten to bring Detergent, there is a soap dispenser. Two $1.00 coins buys you a packet which is enough for two medium washers or one large washer. Insert the coins in the two middle slots and firmly push the slide inwards. The detergent packet drops to the small shelf below.


The premises are very well lit 24 hours and have recorded video surveillance for your peace of mind and security.

There is parking at the front of the shop for ease of access.

The Customer Service section is open 8.00am to 3.00pm Monday to Friday excluding Holidays.

Handling your completed laundry is easy with our large Stainless Steel folding tables.

There are comfortable seats in the waiting area. Also some less comfortable Steel benches.

We have a plentiful supply of library books and magazines while you wait.

The books are supplied by the South Perth Library and are free to take if the book takes your fancy.