Our dry cleaning associate at Radiant is renowned as one of the best operators in the industry. The owner and principal technician, Minh Cao, has owned and operated the business for 8 years and he has established himself as a top flight operator. We have very competitive pricing, details below, coupled with the assurance of a professional job.

Drycleaning Price list.

Ladies and Men’s Apparel

Suits $23.00

Trousers $11.00

Skirt (Plain) $11.00

(Pleated) $12.00

Cardigans and Jumpers $11.00

Shorts $8.00

Ties & Scarves $7.00

$5.00 extra for silk

Jackets $12.00

Dresses Plain $15.00

Household items

Blankets, Quilts, and Curtains are individually quoted.

Wedding gowns

For many years they have been foremost in specialist wedding gown cleaning.

Wedding gowns are notorious for the amount of cleaning required and operators must have an extensive knowledge of fabrics and embellishments. Only the best cleaning technicians can handle the task.

For optimum preservation of your gown we recommend that you also have a custom storage box. Your gown would be carefully wrapped and folded in acid-free tissue to help maintain its brightness.